The U.S. Mail is Not For Sale!

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  • Don't buy school supplies at Staples!In October 2013 Staples and the U.S. Postal Service cut a deal that jeopardizes thousands of living-wage jobs – as well as your mail service. A no-bid deal between Staples and the Postal Service set up postal counters inside 82 of the office-supply stores in four test markets – staffed with untrained, low-wage Staples employees. In July 2014 Staples and the USPS expanded the program to Staples’ 1,500 locations nationwide.
  • The Staples deal is bad for workers and consumers. The sweetheart deal is replacing highly-trained, uniformed postal workers – who have taken an oath to safeguard the privacy and security of your mail and who earn a living wage – with Staples’ retail employees, who earn about $8.55 an hour. Already there have been cutbacks in service hours at dozens of Post Offices around San Francisco, one of the test areas for the program.
  • Teachers and school workers understand. Educators know all too well what privatization means to the public and to public employees: Less service, higher costs, lower wages, and the elimination of good, stable jobs. It’s true for those who work in the classroom and it’s true for postal workers. If it is allowed to continue, the Staples deal will replace public post offices with private, for-profit companies whose decisions will be motivated solely by the bottom line. And it will replace good, stable jobs our communities need with low-pay, high-turnover, part-time positions that hurt our economy. That would be bad news for workers, consumers and the American people. So when you shop for supplies – for your classroom or your home - don’t shop at Staples.

Don't Buy Staples!

"I will not buy school supplies at staples."

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It's Still On!!

In an effort to derail the 'Don't Buy Staples' campaign, which has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO, the American Federation of Teachers and many major labor organizations, in July Staples and the USPS announced an end to their "pilot program."

But the Postal Service has publicly acknowledged that the “new” program they are substituting it with is the same as the old Staples program.See the excerpts from the Chicago Tribune and In These Times.

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Spread the Word!

Share this flyer with every teacher you know and ask them to sign the pledge to not buy school supplies at Staples.